Telarus Engineers

Increase your close ratios on large, complex deals with a Telarus Engineer to assist in designing and diagramming a custom solution. Whether it’s a consultation to establish a game plan or collaborating on a solution with a customer, our engineering department will help close complex deals. Gain credibility with your customers by bringing resources to the table that are similar to direct sales teams.

Land & Expand

Get the most out of every deal and increase your wallet share with your customers.


Our engineers tout industry-leading certifications from Cisco CCNP, CCIE, AWS Solution Architects, Security CISSP, and more.


Receive training and stay sharp.


Security is a layered approach. Our team helps you understand the products and suppliers in every layer.


Network resiliency is more important than ever. We can help navigate the sea of SD-WAN providers that may appear similar on the surface.


All providers are not created equal. Get the best fitting UC solution for your customer’s needs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Migrating to the cloud can be daunting. Building the right solution alleviates those concerns.

Contact Centre

If your clients have customers, they likely have a need for the Contact Centre. This tech touches so many areas of a business, it’s critical to build the best solution.


With the growth of cloud, backup and replication is more important than ever. Architecting the right solution that works when it’s needed is critical.

Telarus engineers come at no cost when you become a partner. Call or email today and learn how you can increase your wallet share.
Engineering team

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I engage Sales Engineering?

You can reach out to your local or global contacts:
Regional Vice President – Greg McVey Email: or Phone: +44 7790 526 898

When does it makes sense to leverage Sales Engineering?

We are here to lock arms and be your technical resource in any capacity you need us. Sometimes you may start a conversation with a customer in one area, and it may pivot into another. We are here to give you all the confidence you need when it pivots to an area you’re not as familiar with and ultimately help uncover the full opportunity.

Can Sales Engineering help train my employees on a certain technology or product set?

Absolutely! We are constantly training partners per their request on how to identify and confidently talk through a certain technology. That ranges from things like SDWAN, Contact Center, Security, IaaS, UCaaS and everything in between.

What does it cost me to engage an engineer from Telarus?

Absolutely nothing! Our Sales Engineering team is an invaluable resource to you and your customers and we do not charge for our services.

Will your engineers get on calls with my customers?

We love to! We are constantly on discovery calls trying to solve the customer’s business problems. We like to game plan with our partners first, then lock arms into the customer conversation.

I’ve had issues before with engineers talking too long or not talking about things I wanted them to cover.

We make this of utmost importance in the training of our engineers. We know the customer’s time as valuable along with all of our partners are different. We think it is extremely important to game plan with the partner before, so we can stay in our proper swim lane and cover exactly what our partner would like us to cover.