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Unlike other SD-WAN solutions that only provide regional connectivity, Aryaka’s solution is the only platform that not just solves the issue of global connectivity, but also delivers a holistic solution to an organization’s core network. Aryaka’s key differentiator is its global private network that includes 26 Points of Presence within 98% of the world’s enterprise locations with built in SD-WAN and WANOp.

  • Aryaka replaces MPLS and piece-meal networks
  • Aryaka provides the entire middle mile, connecting via the Internet to the customer location at the first and last mile only
  • Aryaka uses proprietary, highly improved TCP proxies to provide customers with MAXIMUM performance.
  • Better/consistent throughput, especially for bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Aryaka can deploy any site in a few days around the world
  • Aryaka can help with fewer router hops, router convergences, less loss, FLAT latencies and a much more stable service
  • Built-in cloud and SaaS connectivity to every application and cloud platform