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july, 2021

15julalldayCybersecurity Pit Stop


Event Details

Do you want to be a Cybersecurity expert, or instead be an expert at selling cybersecurity? Take 90 minutes, enjoy lunch on us, and settle in for an in-depth Cybersecurity Technology Pit Stop.

Taking these 90 minutes will help you get the context for the Cybersecurity conversation, which then leads to opportunities you can take from your competition! In these fun and informative events, we’ll teach you the most important parts of the Cybersecurity conversation, help you think about your Customer’s challenges, remove the mystery, quickly build your confidence, and position you as a thought leader in guiding your customers towards the right Cybersecurity decisions.

We’ll break down the key concepts with the idea of a Framework, which is the smart foundation for a Cybersecurity program. By learning these core concepts, you’ll be much more effective in managing the Cybersecurity discussion, engaging in a conversation about various initiatives in any area of the Framework, and discovering Opportunities where your vendor-agnostic approach can really make you shine! And, make your money – Cybersecurity money!


All Day (Thursday)