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Technology Brokerage and Technology consultant

Looking for ways to best serve your customers while differentiating yourself in a competitive market? Become a Technology Consultant

It is a telling sign that the largest technology companies in the world get the idea that a sub-group of technologists is emerging to help companies navigate the cloud computing world. This group has to have more broad expertise than narrow specialties, but more important, they need a group of relationships that can control and focus the outcome for the users of these cloud solutions.

Most people “selling” cloud services are making money by the commissions provided by the suppliers. What the industry is starting to understand is companies will pay for an outcome that is desirable and not having to navigate a new vendor world is valuable to many enterprises.

Own the Outcome

The success of a technology consultant depends on owning the business outcome of the solutions rather than just the performance of the solutions themselves. A perfectly running cloud-based app that has zero adoption is worth less than a poorly performing app that people actually use. The ability to not only understand but own the business outcome is crucial for a technology consultant to be successful.

The race to zero and the competition from the big players in cloud—Microsoft, AWS, and Google—are creating an environment where the cost is low, so there is a significant amount of dollars available to take those consistently reducing infrastructure components, surround them with other value and charge a premium for those solutions.

The Technology Consultant Evolves

The role of the technology consultant is still evolving. Those who position themselves correctly will be trusted to negotiate the contracts and own an ever-deepening role in the IT departments of the enterprise.

Peter Sondergaard‘s comments at the Gartner Symposium keynote 2013 could not be more valid, Every company is a technology company.” In 2019 this is certainly true. This statement will evolve to “Every company is a cloud company.”

The enterprise is marching towards the cloud and interconnectivity at a rapidly evolving pace. The role of the technology consultant will often be a partnership, and it may even become an internal IT position as this becomes more and more mission critical.

The Mobile Workforce

We are moving from a personal-computer-based technology model to a device and mobility computing model. I am typing this blog on a Microsoft Surface tablet in a customer’s conference room on their guest WiFi. This is becoming the computing model norm. I no longer have to be at a desk to be effective. At least half my time is spent at my office, but by adding back hours that historically would have been spent with a customer or at home or even in line at the grocery store, there is a significant shift in how we work. This blog is going to be transmitted over the cloud to a shared drive where my marketing team will edit it in real-time. This is the new standard and the solutions that make this possible are varied.

Having a trusted resource to provide these solutions is crucial. Other industry giants are seeing the same trends and agree this is important. Are you ready to transform and become a technology consultant? Whether you are a value-added-reseller looking to add carrier services or a technology consultant looking to build your business and own the outcome, the Telarus Technology Brokerage partner program enables business model transformation.

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