Your Commissions are Top Priority

Growing your business takes more than hard work, desire, and even a successful sales record. It takes cash – cash that can go to hiring more people, attending a trade show, rebranding your company’s web site, or deploying new technology to improve your own customer experience. If you find your agency needing cash to expand and capture market share, you’ve come to the right place.

Commission Advance

If you are an actively selling partner, you can leverage your future commission stream to fund your business now. Get the finances upfront to position your company for success. Here are just a few ideas:

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Maximum Limit
    10X Your Monthly Residual
  • Payback Grace Period
    12 Months
  • Loan Term
    2 Years After Grace Period

Hire More Employees!

Get funds now to hire more help to get the ball rolling faster.

Rebrand your company

Dial in your branding to better connect with your desired market.

Exhibit at trade shows

Getting your brand in front of large audiences.

Deploy new technology

Fund your R&D and marketing to let your clients know you are uniquely tailoring tools to their needs.

Custom Commissions

Are you new to the telecom business and looking to put as much money in your pocket as possible as you get started? Are you a VAR looking to sell telecom services and need to get all of your commission up-front in order to pay your salespeople? Are you a regular agent who just needs some quick cash to pay some bills? You have come to the right place.

One of the main stumbling blocks for IT VARs, MSPs, and systems integrators from actively pursuing commercial telecom sourcing opportunities is commission incompatibility. While carriers pay mostly residuals, solution providers have built their companies on the up-front payment and/or a re-sell model that nets cash quickly. Telarus, through our Commission, As You Like It program, is changing that – allowing everyone to participate in the spoils of selling commercial voice and data services regardless of payment preference.

Several ways you can be compensated for a sale through Telarus:

Upfront Commissions

200% MRC
100% MRC
or 0% MRC

Residual Payment

50% of Standard Residual Rate
or 100% of Standard Residual Rate


1. How do I go about doing this with Telarus?

Once you make a sale with any of our suppliers, upload the signed paperwork to your Telarus Back Office, and contact your partner support director with your desired payout.

2. Is there a minimum term contract to qualify for this program?

Yes. The minimum customer term contract is two years.

3. Can I get paid a regular residual once the contract is renewed at the end of the term?

Yes. Once you produce a signed renewal contract, you will begin earning a regular residual (if that is how you want to be paid). Auto-renewals will not change the payment structure in place.

4. If I take a commission all up-front, will the sale still count towards my President’s Club Reward?

Yes. All revenue you book with Telarus counts towards president’s club, no matter how you choose to be paid.

5. Can I opt for an up-front payment on a customer by customer basis?

Yes. Each new customer (not order) you enter qualifies you for a custom commission payout on that particular customer. For example, you close a $10,000 sale. You can opt for a $20,000 up-front payment on that one account, and continue to sell to more customers with a residual payout model. The compensation on each sale is custom, defaulting to 100% residual each time.

6. What is the payment horizon for large deals?

This program pays out on the commissionable MRC of each provisioned piece of the order. If the entire order provisions all at once, you will receive all of your cash when the first commission is paid to Telarus. If your order installs in pieces, Telarus will pay you the up-front on that individual piece, with the remaining pieces as they install and show up on our commission report.


1. How do I actually go about doing this with Telarus?

Once you make a minimum of bronze status, contact your partner support director with the amount you would like to advance.

2. How long does the advance take to fund once it is approved?

Once your request has been approved you will receive the advance, via ACH, within a week.

3. Am I guaranteed to get 10X my monthly residual?

No. Each advance is subject to approval by our finance team. Some things we take into consideration are current sales growth, a book of business, average customer life, number of customers, and other factors that help us determine how much risk we can assume.

4. Can I pay the advance back early without any penalties?

Yes. You do not have to wait to pay the entire advance back early. Just know that the loan begins accruing interest the day you receive the advance, so you’ll be responsible for both the principle and the accrued interest when you pay the advance back.

5. Do I have to accept the total amount for which I am approved?

No. You may take any amount up to your approved limit, or anything in-between.

6. What is the pay back grace period?

Once you take receipt of the advance, no payments are due for an entire year. This is to give you enough time to put the money to work and to grow your business. Once the grace period has expired, we will sum your accrued interest and principal, and begin deducting 1/24th of that number each month for the next two years from your Telarus commission check until the advance is paid off.

7. Does everyone qualify for this program?

Although the program is available to every Telarus partner of Bronze status or higher, each loan is subject to approval on a case by case basis. There is no guarantee that you will qualify for the full 10X, and if you have yet to earn any commission with Telarus you will likewise have to wait until you have commissions until you can be considered for this program.